Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Prime Time- starting work

2nd February 2011

It has been a while since I last wrote because there has been heaps going on. I have been really sick, so much so that I nearly called in to work yesterday. On my second day that wouldn’t have looked too good so I decided to go. Luckily I started feeling better throughout the day. I have slept a lot! I guess that has a lot to do with the fact that I have been sick. I haven’t been eating that much either so I have lost weight.

So I finished my orientation training stuff and started working. Hopefully this means the end of all my paperwork. I got my costume, it’s interesting.... although mine isn’t as bad as others so I shouldn’t complain. It is a pink, white and orange pinafore dress with white apron. You have to see the pictures to get the true effect of this.

My first day of work I did 2 hours of computer classes before getting thrown in. I met my trainer for the day and he showed me the table layout. It is so confusing! He drew a little book to help me remember but I’m still getting used to it. He showed me how to bring the guests to the tables. Prime Time is based in “Mom’s Kitchen” from the 50’s so we treat the guests that way. It’s quite fun. After a bit of practice doing that I had lunch. It was cool because I got free food because I had to try everything on the menu. It was a bit difficult for me because they had to adjust stuff to make it gluten free. The first day I got the insides of a chicken sandwich, the filling of a chicken pot pie, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots. It was amazing! They gave me so much that I couldn’t finish it all.

After lunch they put me in the kitchen to see what happened there. I moved through the stations which was cool because I got to meet everyone working and saw what happened. I was there for a while and was so pleased when they took me out because it was so hot and I was starting to feel dizzy and sick.

After coming out of the kitchen I got to be in the bar which was probably my favourite because you got to talk to so many different people. I went back to seating people for the last half hour of my shift and went home and went straight to bed. I felt so sick and tired and I was ready to sleep. I basically slept right through the night only waking up for work the next morning.

The next day was better because I learnt the computer part of seating which is fun, basically just checking people in for their meal. I pretty much did this all day as well as getting another free lunch which was salmon salad and a ham roll made with tapioca buns. They made it all especially for me because that’s not one of their lunch time meals. By the end of the day I was really looking forward to leaving because my feet were killing me! I ended up going to Epcot after work which was really cool. The fireworks were amazing!

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