Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prime Time- so exciting!

27th January 2011

Today was a late start which was lucky, I only had something that started at 1.30pm and went for just over half an hour. It was pretty much more paperwork which they are absolutely obsessed about. I think I’m nearly done with the majority of it which is good because we have to carry it around in a huge envelope and it’s a pain. I found out today exactly where I’ll be working, I’ll be at Prime Time. I have been told it’s amazing! Also I might end up being on TV because whenever they film anything for Disney they always film stuff there. That is how amazing it is! I can’t wait to find out what my costume will be (costume is what our uniforms are called). I think it will be like a real costume because of where I’m working though. I think I will find out on Friday. After that I didn’t do much at all because I think I’m getting sick. I had a nap and felt heaps better after that. Since then I have lazed around the apartment because the weather is disgusting.

Oh yea and there was a tornado warning.... not a big deal.... Then they spotted one at Magic Kingdom, not really sure exactly how far away but it’s pretty close to where I am. We got told to stay indoors, hide in a closet and barricade the doors. I freaked out for a bit but nothing has really happened so it was like a waste of freaking out energy. We haven’t been told if the tornado has passed but there really hasn’t been anything to worry about.


  1. Yea, no big deal having a tornado! But when you text your poor mother and tell her that it scares the begeesers out of her!

  2. Great job on your blog Gemma, keep it up. I am enjoying reading your updates.

  3. Thanks Rachel!

    Sorry Mum, I promise I won't do it again. To be fair I was freaking out for a while and I tried ringing you. I was only ok when I realized there wasn't anything to worry about.