Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Best steak ever!

21st January 2011

When I eventually woke up again at 11.30am I slowly got ready to start the day and explore Orlando. The exploring only really ended up being walking up the street then back down again and only going into three places on the way. Everything was just so supersized! The shops seemed huge and they were all the same things; souvenir shops, steakhouses and supermarkets with a few random shops in-between. 

During our exploring we got some lunch at a steakhouse. It was absolutely amazing!! We paid less than $20 for an all you can eat salad bar, a piece of steak and a massive drink. And by massive, I mean massive! I would definitely go back there.

That night I met up with a whole lot of Kiwis who had just flown in and were staying at the same place as us. I already knew a few of them but it was good to meet others. After helping them find their rooms, it was time for bed.

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