Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moving in and Walmart- best store on the planet

22nd January 2011

Today was the day that we moved into the Disney apartments. After freaking out because I slept in, Josh and I got ready and met the others for breakfast after checkout at 10am. It was good getting to know these other people and it meant there were nine of us arriving together.

We arrived at Disney and it was so exciting! We got welcome packets and then got a short seminar on life at Disney. After this we got taken to our rooms. All of us are at the Vista Way Apartments which are in the oldest complex and known as the “party” apartments. This could be interesting considering I’m not 21 yet and not legally allowed to drink.

No one was here when I arrived so I left my bags and went to find everyone else. We were off to Walmart! I can officially say my life is complete after going to Walmart. It is absolutely amazing! Think everything you need, all in one store, for ridiculously low prices. I got everything except a proper food shop for just over $100. This included a hair dryer, duvet, containers, everything! Getting our stuff back on the bus was an absolute mission! I have hopefully learnt my lesson and buy less next time.

We got back and I started unpacking my suitcases, it will be great to not live out of them anymore! I met some of my roommates then a group of us went to Wendys. They have baked potatoes there but it was impossible to find out if the filling were gluten free because the girl couldn’t understand a word I was saying. I opted for the safe option of hot chips instead. It seems as though I will be cooking for myself a lot rather than eating out. This probably won’t be a bad thing because I have a better chance of eating healthy this way.

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